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Sterile compounded medications are typically administered into the body using either a needle and syringe or an I.V. administration set and needle device. The routes of administraation for sterile products include intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous. To prevent the risk of infections, Allz Well designed its pharmacy, acquired the proper equipment and implemented various quality assurance programs.

At Allz Well, all sterile compounded preparations are made in a sterile environment approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy and federal law. Either a pharmacist or pharmacy technician prepare the sterile compounded products, following a protocol developed to maintain a product’s sterility.

Sterility testing is done on all sterile compounds prior to being dispensed to patients. Further, all sterility testing is documented and maintained.

Allz Well has the experience and expertise in compounding sterile injectables:

  • Allz Well has surpassed all inspections done by the Florida Board of Pharmacy and other organizations.
  • Allz Well’s pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have had specialized training to insure their competence.
  • Our facility has undergone extensive renovations for compounding.
  • All injectabales are tested to confirm sterility.
  • We have independent quality assurance and quality system employees that monitor our compounding environment and process.

Additionally, sterile preparations come in other dosage forms – eye drops, pastes, nasal washes and intrathecal applications.