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When you need compassionate care, personalized experience, thoughtful guidance, clinical excellence, outstanding service and expert advice, you need more than a pharmacy.

You need Allz Well - Pharmacy / Specialty / Compounding / Herbal

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As a Specialty Pharmacy we carry medications for patients with chronic conditions. These conditions require special care as the drug cost associated with them is extremely high and often requires special handling. The disease states treated range from cancer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis to rare genetic conditions. Allz Well offers services for providers and patients by streamlining the drug-distribution, delivery and management process for better patient care.

Our staff is well trained and experienced in resolving the most difficult issues and problems associated with insurance claim rejections. We provide individualized patient counseling and monitoring of medications through the use of sophisticated computer software and an extraordinary staff of skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Established in 2010 as a community and specialty pharmacy, Allz Well has committed itself to the community within which it serves.

After becoming a specialty patient at Allz Well, we will navigate you through your healthcare journey, making ourselves available to address your needs and concerns, as well as advocating for you to reduce your costs.


Pharmacy prescription coverage is not always easy to understand. However, at Allz Well, we absorb the headache and hassle that comes with filling your prescriptions. Additionally, we help you understand what your insurance company expects from you, how to maximize your benefits and how to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Allz Well also helps you manage paperwork that has to be completed either by you or your physician.


When items are either shipped to your home or office, your medication will be delivered in non-descript packaging. The rationale for that type of packaging is simple – we want to protect your healthcare information.

Specialty services

  1. We offer individualized care. Care hat guides every patient step by step, answers all their questions, and provides them with the best possible service and medication. A care that puts together an entire team of professionals like pharmacist and doctors to help every patient manage their health care needs.
  2. We help every patient to better understand their insurance, copays, deductibles, drug formulary and help them through processes of prior authorizations and insurance codes. 3. We offer reimbursement help and identify options to make out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. We can direct you to potential coverage alternatives to help bridge benefit gaps.
  3. We offer choice of medication delivery like store pickup, free home delivery or delivery to your doctor office.
  4. We offer claims assistance. We will assist you in managing your health care paperwork by filing your insurance claims as well as acting as your advocate in any benefits investigation.
  5. We offer treatment assistance by
    • Reviewing your dosing and medication schedules with you
    • Helping you with any injection-related issues
    • Discussing any possible side effects with you
    • Helping you to be more adherent to your treatment
    • Ensuring safe and effective use of your medicine
    • Reinforcing proper treatment guidelines for your condition


  • All medication that goes in the refrigerator should be kept on a clean shelf or drawer
  • All medications and supplies must be kept out of the reach of children, pets, other household or food items.


Medical waste includes needles, bandages, surgical tools and glassware.

  • Needles should not be recapped after injections
  • A rigid, puncture and leak-proof container should be used for disposal of syringes and needles
  • All containers should be kept out of reach of children and in an upright position
  • All filled containers should be sealed with a lid. A tape or glue can be used to secure the lid
  • All filled containers should be disposed according to local laws

How to prevent infections

  • Use soap and warm water to wash your hands. This will help you from not contaminating your medication vials or injection site
  • It is important that you rub your hands together, hard, for at least 20 seconds and scrub all surfaces. Rinse your hands under running water and dry your hands using a paper towel or air dryer
  • You can also clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Rub the sanitizer all over your hands. This includes under your nails and between your fingers, until your hands are dry

Frequently Asked Questions

A specialty pharmacy dispenses medications for complex medical conditions that typically involve either very expensive medications, injectables or medications that have atypical storage requirements.

Specialty medications are Used to treat chronic, rare, or complex conditions

  • Be given by infusion (intravenously), injection or taken orally
  • Cost more than traditional medications
  • Have special storage and handling requirements
  • Need to be taken on a very strict schedule
  • Have special support programs and services available to help patients receive the most benefit from their medication

Be prompt to give us all your insurance information, any copay cards, prescription cards when you place your order.

Be prompt to call your insurance company upon request.

Understand your medical and prescription benefits, as well as your financial responsibility.

For all specialty medications taken over a period of time, Allz Well Pharmacy enrolls patients into its automatic-refill program, ensuring that its patients never run out of medication. Allz Well Pharmacy also actively monitors when you will require more medication and if you are compliant with your therapy to maximize therapeutic outcomes. You can also order your refills by telephone or through the website, and your doctors can order your medications by phone, facsimile or through ePrescribing.

As soon as you know that your insurance will be changing, call Allz Well. Upon receipt of your call, we will call your new insurance provider to determine what changes can be expected concerning reimbursement and out-of-pocket costs. We can also learn about any restrictions that may exist ahead of time and, if possible, develop a strategy for circumventing problems with coverage.

The law prohibits the return and restocking of medication that has been distributed or dispensed. Thus, we cannot issue credit for unused medication.

A deductible is amount that your insurance carrier requires you to pay each policy year. When there is a deductible, your insurance carrier will require that you pay that amount before your insurance carrier pays any benefits.

The out-of-pocket maximum is the largest amount you must pay each policy year before your insurance starts paying the full benefits. This amount may be for one person alone or the entire family.

The part of the medical bill you must pay after the insurance company pays their part.

A report that is provided by your insurance company telling you about your medical health insurance claim.

The maximum amount your insurance company will pay toward claims in your lifetime. Once this maximum has been reached, no benefits will be paid under the terms of the policy.

The process undertaken by your insurance company to review your medical documentation to ensure that the need for therapy meets the coverage requirements of the insurance company.

An entity (either a private insurance carrier or federal or state program) that administers and is responsible for the payment of health care benefits.

Prior authorization is a cost-savings feature of your prescription benefit plan. It helps make sure the right medication is being prescribed under your plan.

A type of payment, usually by a third party, for health care costs.

Medical Conditions