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What is medication therapy management?

Medication therapy management (MTM) is a term used to describe health care services provided by the medication experts – pharmacists.

MTM services include medication therapy review, anticoagulation management, immunizations, and introductions to health and wellness programs. The motive behind MTM services is to assist to achieve the optimum benefits from their medications, coupled with preventing, reducing and/or resolving medication-related problems.

Why is medication therapy management needed?

MTM services are needed to improve the outcomes of medication therapy and reduce the cost of injury and/or death, which experts suggest costs approximately $175 billion annually.

Where are MTM services provided?

MTM services can be provided in any and all settings where patients take medications. The nature and extent of MTM services may differ depending on the setting, the pharmacist’s goal is the same – achieving the best possible outcomes from medication treatment.

Who can benefit from MTM?

Anyone that takes prescription medications, over-the-counter products, herbal products and dietary supplements is likely to benefit from MTM services. The impact of the benefit increases significantly in those patients that take several medications to treat several medical conditions, patients that take medicationsthat require close monitoring to avoid side effects, patients to get their medications from more than one pharmacy, patients that are being treated by more than one healthcare provider and patients who have been hospitalized.

How are MTM services performed?

MTM services are done by collecting patient-specific information, evaluating medication therapies to determine whether there are any medication-related problems and creating a plan to resolve medication-related problems if they exist. In those instances where MTM services stem from a referral from another healthcare provider (e.g., complicated patient cases, patients with complex medical conditions, patients who have either experienced medication-related problems are to are at high risk to develop them), the goal remains the same – achieve best possible outcomes from medication treatment.

One aspect of MTM services performed at Allz Well are preventive therapy. Our pharmacists are certified by the Florida Board of Pharmacy to administer immunications. Some of the vaccinations we administer include the influenza and shingles vaccinations.